Compensation Amount

The maximum compensation amount that a depositor will receive from DIFK, per bank, is EUR 4.000.

Year, effective from January 1stLimit of the insured amount (EUR)

The individual compensation amount is calculated as follows:

All deposits of a depositor will be aggregated

+ accrued interest shall be added (until the date of the license revocation and closure of the bank)

all overdue liabilities, (if any) of the depositor (loans, overdrafts, etc.) towards the bank shall be deducted

=the depositor’s net claim to the bank;

DIFK shall compensate maximum EUR 4,000

Deposits held in joint accounts will be divided equally among the account holders, unless the account holders submit the evidence proving that their shares in the joint account are not equal.

Examples for the calculation of the compensation amount:

Example 1:   Amounts
 Deposit balance on current account: € 900
 Interest on current account: € 50
 Deposit balance on savings account: € 3,000
 Interest on savings account: € 50
 Total deposits including interest:  € 4,000
 Overdue (unpaid) liabilities:  € 0
 Total net claim:  € 4,000
 Compensation amount (paid by DIFK) € 4,000


Example 2: Joint Account
 Deposit balance on current account:
 Interest on current account:
 Deposit balance on joint savings account
 (50% share):
 Interest on joint savings account:
 Total deposits including interest:         
 Overdue (unpaid) liabilities: 
 Total net claim: 
 Compensation amount (paid by DIFK) 


Example 3:   Amount
A natural person is holding a deposit account as a “natural person” and is the owner of a legal entity – in such a case the deposits of the natural person and of the legal person are to be insured separately as follows:
Deposit balance on current account including interest (natural person): € 1,500
Deposit balance on current account including interest (legal person, i.e. natural person mentioned before is the owner of this legal entity): € 3,500
Assuming there are no overdue liabilities, the claims of the natural and legal person are treated separately, therefore, the compensation amount of the natural person shall be €1,500 whereas for the legal person shall be €3,500.

If a depositor’s net claim exceeds the amount of EUR 4,000 like in the second example, the difference between the depositor’s net claim and the maximum reimbursable amount will be settled by the Reciever in the course of the liquidation proceedings of the closedbank.


Example 4:   Amount
 Deposit balance on current account: € 2,000
 Interest on current account: € 90
 Deposit balance on savings account: € 5,000
 Interest on savings account: € 110
 Total deposits including interest:                         € 7,200
 Overdue (unpaid) liabilities:  € 500
 Total net claim:  € 6,700
 Compensation amount (paid by DIFK)              € 4,000
 Uninsured amount (Claim to the Receiver)        € 2,700

Deposits in Euro and deposits in foreign currencies are insured. Compensation payments will be made in Euro only. The Euro equivalent of deposits that are denominated in foreign currencies will be determined by applying the official medium exchange rate of the European Central Bank as of the day of the license revocation and bank closure by the Central Bank of Kosovo