DIFK represented at IADI Executive Council meetings and the International Conference held in Tokyo

Managing Director Ms. Violeta Arifi – Krasniqi represented DIFK at meetings of the IADI Executive Council (International Association of Deposit Insurers). In the capacity of member of the IADI Executive Council and Executive Committee for Training and Technical Assistance, Managing Director attended the two-day meeting on 14 and 15 February 2017 held in Tokyo, organized by the host of the event – the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan. Meetings formalized the new organizational structure of IADI in accordance with the Strategic Plan by organizing work in committees to steer the following areas: 1. Fundamental Principles and Research Council Committee, 2. Training and Technical Assistance Executive Committee, 3. Executive Committee for Relationship with Members, 4. Audit and Risk Executive Committee. Outcomes of the meetings were as following: 1. establishment of Executive Council Committees and discuss the one-year plan of activities, 2. Discuss the latest of BSF Policy “Financial Stability Board” 3. Present the content of IADI Research Conference to be held in June 2017, 4. Discuss Financial Digitalization: Implications for Deposit Insurers, 5. Discuss the analysis framework of the deposit insurance reform. In addition, the European Regional Committee presented the strategic priorities and the action plan and a concept paper on IADI key values ​​and Governance Principles.

On February 16, 2017 took place the International Conference organized in cooperation with IADI and the host of the event – Deposit Insurance Corporation of Japan. The conference addressed topics such as: 1. Changes in the financial environment and the implications for deposits insurers, 2. Innovation and financial safety net and the strategic goals of IADI as well as the report on latest activities. The keynote speaker at the conference was the Deputy Minister for International Relations of Japan who presented the global challenges associated with recent changes in financial environment.