DIFK successfully completed the simulation of Deposit Compensation System

Staff of the Deposit Insurance Fund of Kosovo (DIFK) during November 14 through 16, 2016, successfully completed the second stage of Deposit Compensation System (DCS) testing, respectively ‘Simulation of insured event with member banks’. Purpose of this stage was testing all developed modules of the system and testing of the system with payment agent bank. Activity involved simulation of some transactions, as foreseen by the project plan.

Participants in second, and the last stage of DCS testing, of system development, were two subject-matter experts from FDIC – ‘Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’ – one IT expert and one deposit compensation expert, to perform technical and operational evaluation. Pursuant to the Cooperation Agreement with Albanian DIA for capacity building, and upon invitation by DIFK, eight representatives of Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency participated in the simulation process and provided their support in simulating the process with member banks.