DIFK was represented in IADI annual meetings and participated in the International Conference

DIFK was represented by the DIFK Managing Director, Violeta Arifi-Krasniqi, and officer Mr. Besmir Kuqi in the Annual Meetings of IADI Council, International Association of Deposit Insurers. The meeting of the Research Council Committee, among other things, adopted for consultation a research on Target Deposit Insurance Fund Size, and DIFK was part of the working group and contributed with a case study related to its own experience. In addition, Managing Director, Violeta Arifi-Krasniqi in the meeting of the Training and Technical Assistance Council Committee presented the experience from the joint simulation of insured event with the Delegation of Albanian Deposit Insurance Agency. The meeting of Europe Regional Committee, in addition to regular agenda discussed the first draft of Code of Ethics and Conduct, which will be applied for the entire membership and the Secretariat. While the meeting of IADI Executive Council, inter alia, approved the Policy on Host Organisations and discussed on membership fees which will be reviewed starting from April 2018, when there will be a review of progress of the first phase of strategic implementation of IADI.

In the International Conference, DIFK was represented by the Board Member, Mr. Bekim Berisha. Conference was opened by the President of Financial Authority of Quebec, Canada, Mr.  Louis Morisset, who in his speech emphasized the importance for institutions to mandate integrated scheme which provides depositors insurance guarantees for deposits, bonds, products and other financial services. In addition, he said that Quebec Financial Authority today celebrates the 50th anniversary of establishment.  In conference there were panel discussion on: 1) Adapting International Standards and Core Principles of IADI, 2) Structure and Mandates of Deposit Insurance Scheme, 3) Types of Institutions, 4) Financial Inclusion

Last day of the event was held the Annual Meeting of IADI Assembly, which among other things, adopted the Annual Report and Annual Work Plan, including the budget.

Council Meetings, Annual Meeting of the IADI Assembly and International Conference were organized by the Quebec Financial Authority in Canada, in cooperation with IADI.