Senior Compensation Officer Participated in a Workshop Organized by the European Forum of Deposit Insurers

Senior Compensation Officer, Ms. Lirika Ulaj, attended a one-day workshop organized by the European Forum of Deposit Insurers (EFDI), De Nederlandsche Bank and the Deposit Compensation Scheme of German Private Banks entitled “Compensation under the Deposit Insurance Scheme Directive Regime” on June 14, 2017 in Berlin.

In this workshop, there were numerous presentations of the various Deposit Insurance Schemes, such as Deposit Compensation Scheme of German Private Banks, FSCS, NDIF, FGDR, Norwegian Banks’ Guarantee Fund, and other deposit insurance experts from the European Community. Discussion topics focused on issues that pose the greatest challenges to successful compensation within seven business days, such as determining depositor eligibility (joint accounts, corporate accounts, THB accounts with temporary high balances), as well as other problems faced by various deposit insurance schemes in compensation plans.

In addition, workshop discussions included innovative and financial service industry digitalization approaches, how regulatory framework changes affect deposit insurance, and advanced compensation (payment) methods used, such as the 10-cent method, online payments and other financial instruments delivered to depositors through postal services.